Real-World Data Market Landscape


Our client is looking to engage experts with insights on Utilization and/ or Purchase of RWD (real-world data).

Through this engagement, they would like to speak with experts that have experience with utilization and/or purchase of genomic, clinical-genomic, and/or pathology-image real-world data (RWD) at their biopharma OR be actively evaluating such RWD products for use in R&D programs.

They are scheduling paid 60-minute consultations.

They are hoping to learn more about the following topics:

  • Current utilization and primary applications of genomic, clinical-genomic, and/or pathology-image RWD
  • Preferred RWD providers and data purchasing structures (i.e., subscription vs. full-service project)
  • Familiarity with RWD providers and feedback on their offering's strengths/weaknesses

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